PC Cop is a program that manages the use of Tyson Library's public computers

As you may have noticed the use of the library's public computers has greatly increased.
PC Cop directs this increased traffic in an efficient and fair manner.

A few key features of PC Cop

  • Sign-on a computer yourself (no need for staff sign-on).
  • You keep your card—no one else will have it.
  • Llibrary policy is 1-hour of use, or longer if no one is waiting.
  • PC Cop clearly indicates your time allowance.
  • If no one is waiting, you can renew your time; if someone is waiting, your session will close at the end of your time allowance.
  • If all computers are in use, you can reserve the next available computer.  At the library's catalog workstation you can see when your reserved computer will be available.
  • A clear indication of the cost of requested prints BEFORE you print; option to cancel print request.
  • Computers will automatically shutdown 15 minutes prior to library closing.

You MUST have your library card (or know your card number) to sign on a computer!