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Monday 01/11/10
Remember that your permissions slips and money for Snow Tubing is to be turned in at the library before this Saturday.
Don't forget to check the laptops out upstairs when you plan on using them downstairs. Also remember to plug them back in when you put them up. Our next meeting will be January 25th. There will be a guest speaker to talk on Dating Violence.
Feel free to bring your friends these upcoming meetings!


Meeting Minutes of 12/28/2009
Ms. Kim has scheduled another try to Perfect North Slopes this winter. The date is set for January 16th, 2009. We are all to meet at Perfect North Slopes by 12:30pm. You will need to bring $20 with you for the admission. This $20 includes everything you need for snowtubing. (Equipment, fees, etc.) We will be SNOWTUBING from 1-3pm. Permission slips AND release forms are to be signed and brought to the library by January 18th in order to go! You may also bring a friend to this event! But make sure the $20 and permission/release forms are turned in for them too.

Representatives from Safe Passage will be coming to have a meeting and short session on Dating Violence. This is to help share information with you in hopes that you use it and pass it on to the community. The speaker will be coming to the library January 25th at 4:00 pm.

For those of you worrying about college and how you're going to pay for it, the financial counselor from Ivy Tech will be holding a session at the library. This meeting will take place on February 8th at 4:00pm. This is to help you learn more about loans, scholarships, etc. She will also be strongly focusing on filling out FAFSA.

On February 19th, at 4:00 pm, Rosie Kissell will be coming to the library and holding a one-night, self-defense class for the teens. She will show you the basics and simple moves of protecting yourself and others.

Throughout March, the library will be hosting an Introduction to Tai Chi class. There is a $5 fee for each person wanting to join the classes. This class is only for ages 14 and up. Make sure you wear loose clothing, and no shorts that go above the knees. Ms. Kim tells me that incidents in the past... have been... very embarassing. These classes will be held on March 5, 12, 19, and 26th.

Monday, April 19th at 4:00 pm, teens are invited to attend a one-night, Yoga class in the basement of the library. There is no charge, because it is only one night. If we decide to make it a routine thing, there will be a charge per person.

Next meeting is Monday, January 11th! See you there!
It's snowy outside, so if there isn't any school, its more than likely no meeting. You can always call and check in before you come though.

September 15, 2009
We have a new member joining us. Johnny Pittman
Bring your favorite dish to share with the rest of us at the Winter Pitch-In Lock-In.
Dec. 22nd from 6:30pm - 10:30pm even though the library does not close until 8.
Dec 29th from 1pm-3pm Krista is looking for any volunteers wanting to help out with the Reindeer Games here at the library. This event is only open to K-6 but TNTeens are invited to be helpers.
** Please continue to send in music and movie reviews to the library. You can personally hand them in or email them to the library at tysonlib@seidata.com The next meeting will be on Dec. 28th at 4:30pm

September 15, 2009 17 members present
Thank you to those who helped at Jim Tyson's Birthday Banquet yesterday.   TnTeens are reminded to keep a good standing in the community: i.e. no drug, tobacco, or alcohol use. No illegal activity. Be good representatives of the library. Always dress and act appropriately, especially when wearing your TnTeen shirt.   Been to the movies? Read a book? Listen to a cd? Keep writing those reviews! A few sentences will do! Email these to tysonlib@seidata.com.  Yoga classes are being held on Tuesdays at 5:00pm.  Next meeting is Monday, Septenber 21, at 4:00 PM.

Keep in mind of these upcoming dates!

**Saturday Sept. 26th, before Pumpkin Show Parade, the TnTeens will be selling hot chocolate infront of the library.

** There will be a Big Brothers/Sisters Program at the Library Oct. 15 from 6:30 - 7:30pm.

**Haunted Library Oct. 28th & 29th! 6:30 - 8 pm. Set up nights are to be determined. If you have any ideas, bring them to the next few meetings!


June 1, 2009 21 members
Lock-in permission slips were handed out for Saturday June 6th. Please have the slips handed back in before the event, so we can have an idea of how many may attend. This lock-in will be a "pitch-in" for the seniors in TNT who are graduating. Please sign the list if you will be bringing an item. A sign-up sheet was passed around for anyone wanting to help the littler kids create a story to act out in a play.
Work dates will be Tues. June 9th at 12pm - 2pm and Wed. June 10th at 12pm - 2pm.
The library is still looking for volunteers for the Summer Reading Program with the younger kids. Dates of that event are 10:30am - 11:30am Mon. - Thurs. the weeks of June 7th - July 13th.
Summer fun days for TNT were suggested. We are planning a day at the VSP pool this summer.
The next meeting will be June 11th at 4:30pm.

5/18/2009 25 members
Welcome to three new members. Mr. Bill presented us with a small slideshow of pictures during the Spring clean-up session at the Old Timbers Lodge, taken on 05/16/09.  Thanks to all of those members who participated in the day's activities!  We have a lock-in scheduled for June 6th 2009 at appx. 3-10pm, but these arrangements are possible to change. Word will be sent out along with permission slips.

1/19/2009 25 members

Raised the idea of a group outing to Perfect North ski area. Virtually unanimous enthusiasm to do this trip. We will gather for a group picture Saturday, Feb. 21, time to be set. Kim announced she will be speaking at regional library meeting about teen programs and wants to get pictures and other ideas gathered for this presentation. Also discussed plans to put together a TNT scrapbook.

1/5/2009 18 members

Decorations were created to give the children's room in the library a more winter feel. Snowflakes and other crafts were made. TNT members now have the option to purchase a hoodie (other than t-shirt) with the TNT logo.

12/22/2008 16 members

Now that the Christmas Party lock-in is over, we had a little holiday down time. Just enough time to watch Mr. Bill's holiday home videos. Also, the date was set for our next lock-in over spring break, Saturday, March 28th. We will be having a Guitar Hero Tournament. Permission slips are to be turned in before the night of the lock-in.

12/1/08 21 members

Twenty-one teens attended the meeting.  A lock-in day was set for December 19.  Teens were reminded about volunteering for Christmas crafts on Dec. 6th.  The next meeting will be held on Monday, December 22 at one o'clock.  A thank you went out to Brad and William for helping with the Christmas Ornament Craft.  Cody, Aleisha, Carter, and Matthew all are working on the Gingerbread House for Family Craft Day.

6/16/08 14 members

The Teen Council will be doing a community project at the state park, but the details have to be worked out before we begin. The teens will be doing a carwash fund-raiser July 19th. It will be $5 per carwash and we will be washing them in the alley behind the library. The next meeting will be June 30th.

5/19/08 22 members

We could not paint the beehives, because it was raining today, we can finish the bees, however. Team members are reminded not to be aggressive with one another, this is a library and we must remain civilized. Other than that there was nothing to discuss at this meeting. Tournament will be on the 30th.

4/21/08 23 members

Permission slips for the Game Lock-in were passed out. Members can invite a friend to the lock-in tournament, but they will need to fill out a permission slip and get it signed by a parent. The tournament will be on May 30th, beginning at 6PM and ending at 10PM. The Teen Council started a project to make "bumble-bees" for the children's section of the library. The Teens broke into 5 groups, 1 is making bees, 1 is making an ant-hill, 1 is making ants for the anthill, and he other 2 are making the Beehive (groups are based on proportion, thus 2 are needed for the beehive).

February 25, 2008 19 members attending

During Spring break the teen members will be going bowling March 26th from 1:00pm to 3:00pm. Pizza will be provided, but teens must buy their own drinks. Permission slips are due back March 10th, during the next meeting. Each month the library hangs different decorations for upstairs, and members will help put up the decorations. Dye cuts, lamination and other supplies will be at your disposal. We will also be hanging up the Solar System that was built last year. We will have new "Theme Lock-ins," some ideas are already surfacing such as Hawaiian, toga, lego and 60s themes. No sand unfortunately… Video game tournaments are still open, and can be brought up at any time that is convenient. All upcoming tournaments will be "invite only." The meetings have been short, sometimes as little as ten minutes before everyone leaves, so suggestions were brought up for games that we can play after the meetings are over. Teens are URGED to write more reviews, excluding the saints who have already provided us with their excellent opinions. Next meeting will be on the 10th of March.

October 22, 2007  22 members attending 1 new council member

The haunted library will be operating the 30th and 31st. The Teen Council members are going to have a book salel this January, let Bill or Kim know if you would like to participate. The Teen Council suggested a lock-in at the library during Winter break. Spider projects, spray-painting and other projects were undertaken today. Members are encouraged to bring in things on off-days if the want, to spruce up the Haunted Library. One of the members has undergone a project to create a "virtual tour" for the library. Next meeting will be on the 29th, the day before the haunted library opens. Minutes by Matthew Myers

August 20, 2007. 16 members. Members email adresses were updated. The council is making a giant paper machee snake. The solar system is nearly complete and will be placed in the children's section upstairs. DOBs were taken from the members to update the birthday list. Grades were also taken. Sep 14th, members are encouraged to vonlunteer there time to help serve refreshments and hand out pencils. We will be serving hot beverages for this years pumpkin show again, and members are needed to help serve, seeing as what a success this was last year. The haunted library was discussed, and the problem of volunteers being pestered by some of the children in the haunted house was addressed, and actions were taken to prevent this. There are sign up sheets for both the Jim Tyson birthday celebration, and the Pumpkin Show stand and members should sign if they are available.

May 14, 2007. The council has suggested a solar system foe the upstairs decorations. The Euchre Tournament date has been moved to the 25th of May. A date has still not been set for the beginning of Haunted Library projects, but will probably begin some time after school is out. Many of the headphones at the Tyson Library have been returned damaged or broken, so the library will be selling earphones for patrons who wish to use them. Student council members are reminded that it is their responsibility to get to the meetings on time. They are also reminded that it’s not a crime to take the minutes if the usual note-taker happens to be absent. The date for the next meeting has been set to June 4th at 3:00. Minutes by Matthew Myers

April 16, 2007. The meeting began with a proposal to change the meeting time to 3:15 a vote was taken, after the idea and was thoroughly shot down, and there will be no change. The council discussed an early start on decorations for the next Haunted Library, which will start soon and be drawn out over the summer. Members are encouraged to participate in decorating the children's section of the library. Three future tournaments were discussed. A card game, Risk, and Age II tournament were brought to attention. The Card tournament will be the next event to occur, and preparations for the next two tournaments are underway. A Dry spell in recent reviews has been addressed and members are reminded that reviews are not limited to books. Movie, music, and even game reviews are also acceptable, and highly encouraged. Next meeting 4/30 at 4:30

October 9 meeting: 14 members at today's meeting.  Thanked everyone for their work at the Pumpkin Show pre-parade concession sales. Group took in about $100.00. Discussed plans for Haunted Library. Passed around sign-up sheet for working the nights of Oct. 30 and 31. Monday (10/9, 16, 23) we'll work on Haunted Library between 4:00 and 6:00pm .  Sat. 10/28 will be the final set up for the haunted library. Next meeting, 10/23.

September 25th meeting: 12 members at today's meeting.  Discussed final plans for selling coffee and hot chocolate at the Sept.30th Pumpkin Show parade set up area in front of the library.  We will set up around 6:00am and continue selling till 10:00 or we run out of supplies.  Discussed additional plans for the Haunted Library, including the time (6:30 - 8:30pm) on the 30th and 31st.  Charge for visitors was discussed - a free-will offering will be accepted and they will receive a treat bag of candy.  In addition we set aside every Monday (10/2, 9, 16, 23) at 4:00 to 6:00pm to work on the haunted library.  Sat. 10/28 will be the final set up for the haunted library.

September 11th meeting: 11 members at today's meeting. Requested volunteers to help with the James Tyson Community Meeting on September 14th. Help is needed to setup for the meeting on the afternoon before and to act as hosts the evening of the meeting. Briefly discussed the plans for the September 30th "Pumpkin Show" parade concession. Sign-up for times to work that morning was passed around and will be available at the next meeting. Discussed the "Haunted Library" event and plans to start working on the project. Following the meeting a coffin was constructed and a sample grave stone was painted to see how it looked. The next meeting will take place Monday, Sept. 25, at 4:30pm.

August 28th meeting: 12 members at today's meeting. Discussed the plans for the September 30th "Pumpkin Show" parade concession. Sign-up for times to work that morning was passed around and will be available at the next meeting. Discussed the "Haunted Library" event and plans to start working on the project. Saturday, Sept. 9th, will be a work session day to build some items. The next meeting will take place Monday, Sept. 11, at 4:30pm.

June 12th meeting: 14 members at today's meeting. Announced that volunteers are welcome to help wth the library's summer program for toddlers through 6th grade. Reservations for Kings Island trip must be made by July 1. $27.99 per person. Council memebers will get a free food voucher. Parking ticket $7.00. Everyone must arrange for their own ride to and from the KI. More details were planned for the haunted library. Made a list of items that had to be built, bought or borrowed. Next meeting we can start bringing things in. We will also have a layout on the floor so we can start taking measurements. The next meeting will take place June, 22nd.

May 23rd meeting: 14 members at today's meeting. 2 new members attended today's meeting along with one spectator. We started the meeting off by discussing out trip to Kings Island. Members will have to pay for their ticket 2 weeks in advance to secure the group discount. Also each member must have a ride to the library. The haunted library will be worked on this summer, so we are going to separate into groups to get things done. We need to figure out what to build, and get that started, then what we need to buy, then start finding it. If any of the members wishes to help with the summer reading program contact Bill, Kim, or Becky at the library. Age II: Age of Kings is now running on 2 or 3 of the library's computers, upstairs. The next meeting will take place June, 12th. Minutes by Matthew Myers

April 3: 12 members discussed upcoming events including a special showing of Chronicles of Narnia and King Kong, both recently released on DVD.  The movies will be shown back to back on Saturday, April 15, starting at 11:00am. We will sell concessions as a fund raiser. The library's book sale is April 5-8. Anyone who want to volunteer to help during the sale is welcome.

February 27: 10 members- Movie marathon was a flop. Why did it go wrong? We narrowed it down to 1) The weather, 2) Old movies, and 3) We need to focus on a bigger fan base. We are going to try and show Harry Potter, King Kong, and Chronicles of Narnia a few days after their DVDs come out. Harry Potter might show on March 11th if things go as planned. King Kong will be delayed, because it comes out during spring break. We will show it along with The Chronicle of Narnia. We are still planning on selling hot chocolate and coffee before the parade because they park the floats right next to the library (we'll make a killing!!!), and most of us plan to be there. We were thinking about a float, but a lot of kids have other things to do for the parade, ex. band members have to march. We spent the rest of the meeting talking about the "Haunted Library" and coming up with ideas. If they actually work then we're going to have one heck of a haunted house. Minutes by Matthew Myers

February 6: There were nine members present. We discussed plans for Feb.18th Jim Carrey movie marathon. Selected "The Mask", "Truman Show" and "Ace Ventura Pet Detective" as the movies. Shows will start at 11:00am and run until 4:00pm. Members agreed to be here that day to sell concessions. Admission to the movies is free but we'll charge for soft-drinks, popcorn and candy. Next meeting will start talking about haunted library for halloween.

January 16th: There were nine members present. We discussed future activities including Pumpkin Show, Halloween and movie marathon. Some of these could be fund raisers for the teen council, such as charging for refreshments at movie marathons... we cannot legally charge for admission. T-shirts will be handed out at next meeting.

January 2nd: There were only 4 members at this meeting. Like where were the rest of you? All we did at this meeting was finish painting the snowman. Matthew doesn't have perfect attendance anymore and I think I do, ha ha! On the 28th we did teen bowling which was fun; afterwards a few of us went to the library to paint "Frosty". On the 30th we had movie time when we watched National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation. Then we listened to music, ate, and played Harry Potter Scene It. Minutes by Katie Guenther.

December 19th: 8 people were at today's meeting. Today we had a very short meeting. Kim was not here due illness in the family. We came to a decision on what we were going to have on the back of our TNTeens shirts. I will have the word floccinaucinihilipilification on the back, Joe will have the word antidisestablishmentarianism, and Carter will have the word pneumonoultramicroscopicsilicovolcanoconiosis. In other news Bill found a PG13 version of Christmas Vacation for our Christmas lock-in. He will also see about getting a Harry Potter version of SceneIt game. We will be notified about the time during Christmas break to finish up the "snowman". We are going to have a new member joining us soon. Next meeting will be January 2nd. Minutes by Matthew Myers

December 5, 2005: 11members at today's meeting. (editorial note: Most were on time.)* We have 2 new members at today's meeting, and this is our largest meeting to date. We started off the meeting with a discussion of the next Lock-in we are going to have on the 30th. Kim told us that there are going to be three movies airing on the 27th, but if you want to see them you have to sign up ahead of time. We talked about the lock-in and decided we were going to play games that allowed for competition Ex> racing games or board games. The snowman we are making is almost done, but we can't finish it today, because Bill is having a meeting. Bill showed us the new concept art for our Teen Council T-shirts, and we debated the color (I never knew how difficult it was going to be to make some shirts!!!). This will be known as "The Great Shirt Debate 2005!" Honestly can't we just choose a color and stick with it!
Minutes by Matthew Myers

*I was fetched from the computer by my sister with a warning that if I was late for the meeting while I was in the building they would kick me off the computers, which is an injustice of the worst kind! I was late because I didn't know the starting time of the meeting. Injustice! How could it be considered fair for them to revoke my computer privileges because of a miner mishap! SHAME on you!!! ... (Oh, boo hoo!)

Nov. 21, 2005: Group discussed future activities. Agreed upon a lock-in on December 30th, Friday, from 6 to 10pm. We are looking into a bowling party during the Christmas school break. Date and time to be announced. By next meeting we should have t-shirt design and colors. Following the meeting work was begun on "Frosty" the snowman - a paper-machete snowman to be on display in the library this winter.

October 10, 2005: 4th recorded meeting- 8 members. I was late for today's meeting, but the only thing I missed was the tie-breaker for the movie we we're going to watch at the lock-in. We decided on Van Helsing. Now that we have regular people showing up we are going to start having new people show up, so Kim showed us the new application form for new members. Then we discussed what games we are bringing to the lock-in, we've got quite a selection now. It's a little early, but we suggested a few Christmas decorations(You can never be too ready for the holidays). -snack break- Then there was talk of maybe taking a trip to the movies(more on this later). We talked a little more about the lock-in; we're all excited. Then gave a few book suggestions, (I gave a few book suggestions) and Kim asked us for more book reviews. Just a reminder- Get those book reviews in! Next I'll have a report and pictures from lock-in. We are going to skip a meeting thanks to the lock-in, so our next meeting is Nov 7 at 4:00. -Minutes by Matthew Myers

September 26, 2005: 3rd recorded meeting- 9 members at today's meeting. Today's meeting started with the serving of pizza. The websites mission statement was updated today by Bill (The old one was lacking… how do I put this… Pizzazz). We discussed what decorations we wanted for the entrance to the library, and any member that wants to help should show up Oct 3rd at any time. The Teen Council is going to have its very first lock-in with movies, games, and more!!! The lock-in is going to be October 21st from 6:00-10:00p.m. We have a new member once again. Carter is now a TNTeen. Happy birthday to Aleisha and myself!!! Our birthday was Saturday, September 24. Next meeting will be October 10th 4:00-5:30. -Minutes by Matthew Myers

Sept. 26 meeting photoSeptember 26th meeting

September 12, 2005: 2nd recorded meeting - Council name now official (with much dispute on my authority to make it official), we're the Tyson Library TNTeens. The showing of the webpage, which was a good effort on Bill's and my part. New member!!! Everyone say hello to Joe! That's the good news the bad news is we only had 6 members this meeting. WHERE ARE THE REST OF YOU! Shirts are still in the works. We've come up with a design though. -Minutes by Matthew Myers

ps. (editorial comment by Webmaster Bill) As it turns out several members did not know about the meeting date and time or forgot. For future meetings we will send e-mail or postcard reminders.

August 23, 2005: Actually our 2nd meeting but our 1st recorded meeting - 7 members at this meeting. We discussed our group name and had a few suggestions, James Tyson's B-day is coming up on September 14th and members were encouraged to participate, discussed who would work on different groups such as Webpage, Meeting assistants, and other projects. -Minutes by Matthew Myers

August 10, 2005: Our inaugural meeting. 11 members at this meeting to discuss the idea of how the library and teens can work together - looking for ideas to improve the library and ideas of how the library can be a better place for teens. The group agreed to meet again to disuss the group's mission and name. Minutes by Kim Edwards and Bill Poor



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